My Soul Sings

Devotional by Jimmy Hultengren | Song by Chelsea Kimball & Stephen Witt

When listening to this song and reflecting on the lyrics, one of the lines in the first verse of the song sums it up perfectly. This song is about God’s holiness displayed through his glory. It reflects the passage in Exodus chapters 33-34 where Moses sees God’s glory, and it causes his face to radiate light. Even though this story seems to mainly focus on God’s glory, it has a big focus on His holiness. Holiness means to be set apart, and that is displayed strongly in this story. Only God is that glorious, and there is nothing to compare to His glory. No other thing in all existence can affect us in the way God can. There is no encounter that anyone can experience that is as meaningful as an encounter with God. Even just the tiniest taste of His glory makes us desire Him with all of our hearts. That shows how truly holy God is. This song expresses those desires we have when we experience God. We want to be like Him in His holiness, because He has put that desire in our hearts. When we see how good and holy He is, we realize our brokenness and our need for Him. In these moments, God has not done anything for us other than letting us see a glimpse of Him. Therefore, it is necessary for us to thank Him just for who He is. If we suffer our whole life and nothing goes well for us, God is still just as holy and deserving of praise as when things are going well.

So when life is not going your way and you feel like God is fighting against you, I encourage you to remember that He is still a good God who is fighting for you. He is still just as worthy of praise even though you do not feel that way. If it helps, listen to this song during those times, because the lyrics will still be true then. God never changes so if He has been holy and good in the past, he will continue to be holy and good now and in the future.


(Verse1) These eyes behold with faded view | the sweetest taste a glimpse of You | My soul sings You are Holy

(verse2) These lips will always sing Your praise | this life abandoned unashamed | My soul sings You are Holy

(Chorus) And this heart will not be tamed forever sing Your praise | And this life won’t stay the same now that we’re face to face | Your love is changing me and making me new

(Verse3) Your people all transformed by grace with unveiled faces radiate | Your glory oh Your glory

(Bridge) Your love unchanging | Your mercy never-ending | Your grace unfailing | Forever I am singing


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