I Belong To You

Devotional by Whitney Reames | Song by Jeff Deyo

Father You’re the One I long for. You have stolen my heart. Your love captures me. We throw around the words “desire, need, love, want, long for” in the same category, as if the depth of each word could simply be attained through surface level. To long for something or someone means to be completely saturated in awe of that thing or person with a desire to pursue. To long for something or someone means allowing our minds to be completely consumed, 100% undistracted, with solely this thing or person on our minds. It is in our natural being to long to belong. Because of this, we so easily allow ourselves to long for people that fail us, money that runs out, status that leaves us empty, and momentary happiness through sin that launches us into a lost state of mind. However, to LONG for our Father means we choose to lock our eyes directly on the King and refuse to let anything distract, cloud, block our vision of our God. We refuse to let anything keep us from getting to our Heavenly Father. We owe our lives to you because “Father you have purchased my life. Your Son paid the high price. His blood ransoms me”. We get distracted by our day to day frustrations forgetting that we are not bound to things of this world and the pain caused by this world. To long for Him and to belong to Him means we REFUSE to FORGET the SACRIFICE that was made for our choice to choose Him.

Father, You’re the great Redeemer. You are like no other. I am found in You.” The night before Jesus’ death, He was standing at the door of escape in the Garden of Gethsemane. In just ONE hour, Jesus could have climbed from any area on the mountain and escaped into the wilderness to never be found and to never be captured. But because he BELONGED to God, He STAYED and PRAYED, “Lord, if there is another way… please take this cup from me but if there is not, so be it. Lord, still have Your way.” Jesus rested in the fact that His Father did not just see the current weakness but the overall victory. Yet, how often we pray “Lord have Your way” then choose to have selective hearing as to what we want His will to be for our lives. If we truly believe He is like no other and we belong to Him, then we must FIND ourselves in Him and Him alone. We must chase after such an intimacy with Him that our desires become what He desires; our heart becomes what His heart beats for.

Father You have broken my chains. Now, I’m free as Your slave, ever bound to You.” THE HIGH PRICE of knowing His death could have been avoided, but the fulfillment for our sin would never have been satisfied. Redemption could not have taken place without the sacrifice of Jesus. Our past, present, and future mistakes have no MEMORY in the mind of our almighty God. As we proclaim “I belong to You, I belong to You my God” we declare over our lives that we are not bound to any sin. We declare that Satan does not even have a single-finger hold on us. We declare that we will not allow ourselves to be saturated, in complete adoration, of anyone of anything other than our God. What we choose to let consume us, is what we truly belong to. As we sing this song, search your depths and ask yourself, “Do I truly BELONG to God? Do I let Him have complete reign in my life? Am I truly dependent on Him or am I tied to my pride of living my life independently? Is my mind so consumed with the glory of what He has overcome that there is no room for my past or lies of the enemy to creep into my mind?” Sing out “I belong to You” and remind your soul of what He has done in you and for you. Sing out I belong to You and declare, from this moment forward, that you will choose to belong, to be saturated, to be rested in who our Father is: REDEEMING LOVE. Declare “I belong to You, I’m Yours thru and thru. I belong to You, my God.”


(Verse1) Father You’re the One I long for | You have stolen my heart | Your love captures me | Father You have purchased my life | Your Son paid the high price | His blood ransoms me

(Chorus) I belong, I belong to You | I belong, I belong to You | I belong, I belong to You my God

(Verse2) Father You’re the great Redeemer | You are like no other | I am found in You | Father You have broken my chains | Now I’m free as Your slave | Ever bound to You

(Bridge1) You have paid it all for my sin | You have paid it all | You have paid it all for freedom | You have paid it all

(Bridge2) I belong to You | I’m Yours thru and thru | I belong to You my God


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