Mountains Fall (Song Story)

By Ben Ady

The song Mountains Fall was first inspired by a worship time at a summer camp I was playing at with a band from NCU. Strongholds that had been built up in the individual students lives were torn down before my eyes. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers were demolished, all because of one unanimous thing: the power of the name of Jesus. The lyrics to the verses and the original chorus came to me over the course of the summer tour, but I never finished the song. I couldn’t finish the song. No matter how hard I tried or how creative my though process, I couldn’t finish it. Nothing seemed to fit. So it sat on the shelf. Every now and then, I would take it out and mess with it. Eventually, however, it took a back seat to other songs, and I forgot about it. The song would remain unfinished for about two years until I met my wife.

My wife and I had been dating over a year at the time, soon to be engaged, when she got sick. We took her to many doctors and specialists, and nobody seemed to be able to pinpoint what was wrong. She would go through spells of extreme abdominal pain and flu like symptoms that nothing would relieve. She would go for days in pain. She couldn’t eat. She couldn’t sleep. It went on for months like this. There was nothing I could do to ease the pain or to comfort her. I lived two hours away while at NCU. There were times that all I could do was to sit and talk to her over the phone or skype while she lay in pain, helpless to do anything. All I could do was pray.

Two months after we were engaged, we finally received some closure as to what was wrong. After some intense testing, the diagnosis was Crohn’s disease. Without going into the heavy details about Crohn’s, basically it is a chronic disease that is very painful with no known cure and has only a few very temperamental experimental treatments. The treatments can be painful and often cause more complications and problems that eventually lead to major surgeries or death. At this point my fiancé was extremely anemic and underweight due to the Crohn’s. The pills the doctor gave her helped to an extent, but there were still episodes of pain and other symptoms, leaving a very dark road ahead. Although we had some closure, all it did was shine a light on the giant mountain we were facing.

It was around this time that I had a heart to heart encounter with God. I was frustrated, angry, doubtful, discouraged, confused, but most of all afraid. Afraid of the life that had been set before my future wife and I. Afraid of the unknown that was sure to be full of pain for someone that I loved. Afraid of something so completely out of my control I had no clue where to even start. It was at this time where I had to make the conscious decision to just let go. It sounds funny saying that I had to let go when I had no control to begin with, but I did have to let go. I had to let go of the situation. All of my worries, doubts, fears, frustrations, everything. I had to let go and let God take over. Now letting go didn’t happen overnight. It was a process. I had to consciously say every day, “God you’ve got this!” After months of wrestling with fear, I finally had peace in my heart that God would take care of my wife when I couldn’t. He is strong enough for the both of us.

This is when the song “Mountains Fall” made a comeback. I ran across the lyrics I had written down in my journal two years earlier, and they hit me hard. I remembered how these lyrics were inspired by students being healed of ridiculous circumstances, and it gave me hope. I began to have this song in the back of my mind all the time. I was constantly trying to finish it. Then one day at a prayer service at my church, a lady came up to me and prophesied over me and my wife that she would be healed by June of the upcoming year, six months away. This was something new for me that I had never encountered personally in my own life, and I honestly was a little skeptical. I was also a little frustrated that it was six months away, but God had a plan. In the end, I decided that if it was God’s will it would happen. It was days after this prayer service that I was finally inspired to write the bridge of “Mountains Fall” during a personal time of worship. The song eventually developed into sort of a personal theme for my life. I truly believe if for no other reason, God gave me this song to sing during the six month wait for healing. God used this song to remind me that He is in control, and He is a big God with perfect timing. He gave me the song as a reminder that through every change in every circumstance, he is my constant; my rock. I sincerely believe he didn’t allow me to finish this song until the appointed time, because he knew when I would need it the most. There is power in the name of our God, acknowledging that power and resting in that power changes everything!

Fast forward to today, I am happily married to a Crohn’s free wife! Somebody praise Him! I have a much deeper faith than I did before this trial and I sincerely believe in miracles in the everyday! I hope” Mountains Fall” blesses and inspires you as much as did me. God is truly the author of the song, and I am just a vessel that wrote it down when he sang it to my heart. God is good! (All the time!)

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